Also, keep your remote students connected and engaged.

aClass offer new capabilities and opportunities for learning, mainly in terms of its flexibility, portability, mobility and ease of use. It addresses a wide spectrum of classroom challenges and enhances the learning experience. A right blend of hardware, multimedia resources, managing software and academic support to facilitate student’s engagement and teachers connect thereby making the learning experience more meaningful & enduring.

aClass is committed to creating global innovative, interactive, collaborative smart classroom solutions. aClass is dedicated to continuous improvements to provide world class education bringing new rich smart classroom solutions to enhance classroom interactivity and engagement, so that the learning process can become more of a social, interactive and experiential process rather than a static approach to the individual in traditional methods.

A new way to engage and interact in the collaborative environment
for a fluid exchanges of ideas.


Users can manipulate content with up to 20-points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation.


Up to 60+ smart devices can connect and share content on the display, for a fluid exchange of ideas.


Interact with content and resources directly on the display to take notes or emphasize things in real time.


Effortlessly integrate content into discussions inside classroom to share ideas, take learning beyond classroom and drive innovation.

Creating a Canvas for Learning

Making Learning Connected, leveraging interactive online classes to teach better and learn more.

State-of-art Infrastructure

State-of-art Infrastructure

With 4K UHD easy-to-use interactive Flat Panel teacher can engage and interact with students. It’s moderation and annotation functionality keep teachers in control of the classroom.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Any device can be integrated to engage and interact with learners for providing them with an enhanced learning experience. Also, the Integration of the student information system simplifies learning.

E Content

E Content

Sound pedagogy through rich interactive multimedia content, web resources and reference materials make the classroom alive and allow to explore the concepts beyond the curriculum.

Real-time Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

Allows to collaborate with learners in the real time by creating a digital replica of traditional classroom where learning take place in real-time but virtually in a more controlled manner.

Institutions are more developed now to provide blended learning environment, that woks well.

Remotely Ready

Creating live classroom experiences and group learning. Moving forward from our old way of schooling.

Enhance Capabilities of Institution

Reediness requirements of capabilities for remote online/blended instruction.

Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

Educators are equally positive about their schools’ teaching efforts and students are excited about the freedom in learning.

Progress and Performance

Track the progress and performance of teaching and learning for individuals or groups. Regulate academic activities through classroom analytics.

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Features Overview

Blended Classroom

Combining the benefits of both online and face-to-face education delivery, we enhance teaching and learning with choice, freedom and flexibility. Also, take learning beyond traditional classroom.


4KUHD resolution screen with 20 touch points and unlimited workspace that allows integration of diverse files


The panel can seamlessly connect up to 60+ users simultaneously, and allow 4 people to present on one display and make the classroom a collaborative learning environment.


Capture the screen activities, record the lesson, save and share with users. One panel content can be streamed in real-time to another panel.

World-class Digital content

Access thousands of digital content from various sources online and consume them at your own pace and space. Sound pedagogy through rich interactive multimedia content for core concepts, recorded classes, web resources and reference materials are available to explore the concepts beyond the curriculum.

Professional Development Program

Our Professional development programs enable educators to leverage technologies to its fullest potential. We ensure that all teachers are trained regularly to use the solution and integrate technology in pedagogy suitably.

Content Co-creation

Upload, create, organize, and deliver course modules required for the classes. Develop your own lesson plan and customize it based on the learner’s ability.

Reports and Analytics

Track the teaching and learning progress and performance for individuals or groups. Regulate academic activities through classroom analytics.