Create, publish and conduct online tests with examPie, a powerful online test creator module.

examPie, a unique platform for online tests and examinations is fully customizable to all remote assessment requirements.

Using the platform candidate can have unlimited practice tests, teacher can conduct powerful Mock tests, create assessments, assignments, projects and institute can publish and conduct cheating proof examination and evaluation.



Easy to create, launch and analyze online tests, assessments and examination (practice test, self-assessment, mock test, teacher assigned class test, conduct institution's periodical examinations), Assignment, Project, Periodical Examination & final test and produce final Mark sheet considering the over all performance & Certification.

Scalable Access

Scalable Access

Create a tests online and share the schedule and link of online tests with any number of examination takers at a time without worrying about the resources. Students have the option to access the tests from a remote location and examPie makes sure that the tests are conducted successfully with no-unfair advantage.

Customizable & Comprehensive Question Types

Customizable & Comprehensive Question Types

Examinations can be configured as per boards and their rules. Set rules and permissions to customize the test. Add questions or create customized question paper for the test. Vast collection of questions and make different sets for different groups. Select from multiple question types for different learning objective category and difficulty level for test creation.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

One can add Images, videos, graphics and audio files to the tests to increase the scope of questions. Graphical performance reports of each student as per the marks scored in several class tests and exams.



Prevent cheating by giving out invite-only access to test takers and setting time limits. Create different sets of test papers with randomized order of questions. change options in MCQs to make the tests cheating-proof. Admit Card generation of eligible students for examination with photos and no modifiable signature.

Evaluation & Analysis

Evaluation & Analysis

Provide results instantaneously saving time and provide teachers an option to moderate the subjective evaluation. Analysis made easy with comprehensive scorecards, detailed insights and test reports. Generate printable Mark sheets/ Report Cards after entering subject wise marks. Various consolidated reports based on exam, subjects, faculties.

Secure, stress-free, fearless examination environment
with no-unfair advantage

Providing a fearless, stress-free, cheating-proof and secure online examination
environment to succeed unconventionally.
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Multi-layers’ authentication of Registration number, generate admit card with recent photo, ID card evaluation, Periodic photo verification during test and many more.

System Restriction

Restrict the Exam Device and to open any other tab, disable unnecessary functions like browse and tab, search engine, screen sharing, external port, printing etc.

Varieties and Options

Different sets of test papers with randomized order of questions and also change OPTIONs in MCQ.

Remind Academic Integrity

Before authentication, post a compulsory video explaining the guidelines and consequences. Also, sign an agreement of no-cheating & take the acceptance of consequences un-conditionally.

Process Restriction

Show one question at a time, answer it with final answer and then move to next. Configure to prohibit back tracking, Review and revision can be allowed only for missed/wrong answered questions.

Time Management

Configure time-limit for each question/section or total Exam.

Environment Control

AI based system shall consistently monitor behaviors, alert suspicious activities like lighting changes, unusual noise and looking off-screen constantly etc.

We ensure the integrity of your high-stake exams –
Credible, Secure and Scalable

Secure, Stress-free, fearless Examination environment with no-unfair advantage.
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Remote Invigilator

Live Exam of group of students can be streamed to an assigned invigilator, who shall observe on-line in a larger screen and act.

The invigilator can Observe suspicious activities of allotted students, Can Pause the Exam and give warning. Invigilator can approve or deny the break requests of Exam-taker.

Bringing remote evaluation closer for candidates and Institutions and experience fearless and stress-free Examination.

Finally, we provide comprehensive report along with result sheet to final authority.
Time progress with screenshots. Alert details. Attention details – AI report Noise and lighting objections Break timing. Suspicious attempt with details Off-screen behavior

Examinations are moving ONLINE, is your institute ready?

Move your test ONLINE to a secure and scalable ExamPie platform.
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Create tests ONLINE with examPie

Move to a suitable online test creation platform depends on the scale of your tests, your students and the kind of tests you are planning to conduct. You must consider these points before going for an online test creation software.

  • Option to create multiple types of tests
  • Comprehensive rule setting guidelines
  • White labeling for self-branding
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Option to add multimedia content(Voice / image / video etc)
  • Easy sharing and fast processing
  • Authentic and cheating Proof
  • Mark-sheet and Certificate
  • Tracking and reporting

Create quick test and provide seamless delivery

  • Publish online tests with examPie’s easy-to-use platform for smooth navigation.
  • Separate Software is no required to download for online tests
  • Wide-varieties and Rich question creation
  • Select from question bank or set your own question papers
  • Can add multimedia content.

Customizable Platform

  • You can create 8 types of tests with examPie online test such as Single answer, multiple answer, matrix, paragraph, FIB, image label test, true-false questions and more.
  • Set rules like activation and expiration time, choose different formats and restrict actions to take control of your online tests.
  • Create multiple sections in your tests with different question types

Secure and cheating-proof

  • Invite-only access via email or shareable link to your tests makes sure only your students can write the tests.
  • Match the face to start and also in regular interval.
  • Set time limits to make cheating difficult and create different sets of test papers with randomized order of questions.
  • Change options in MCQs, conduct subjective tests or rearrange the sections to make your tests cheating-proof.
  • Assign remote invigilator to ensure no-malpractice.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Reports

  • Comprehensive scorecards after the assessments.
  • Comparative analysis.
  • SWOT analysis
  • Share reports and feedbacks via email and social media with your students for future reference.