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Define the best path forward by taking a deep-dive into customer’s insights, business objectives and data.

We provide innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions to business challenges, enable our customers to save time, increase productivity, minimize costs, and maximize outcomes.

Vridhee has been developing a wide range of enterprise solutions for diverse industry verticals. It is backed by its experienced professionals, IT infrastructure and capable in dedicated ERP software development for customer specific requirements. Whether our customer sells products or services, we emphasize upon the specific processes, customer wants to improve.

The most vital aim to be achieved through ERP software is to integrate back office business processes and facilitating the information flow within an organization to take data-driven decisions. So enterprise resources planning software / system collects data from various levels of an organization and organizes it for business activities across departments. With a dedicated enterprise resource planning software / system development, an organization can standardize and automate its processes to achieve high level of efficiency in its operations. The ERP system ensures that all employees in an organization are working with the same data and watching the same key-performance indicators.

The Key Modules in ERP Software:


Collects Finance data and generate customized and statutory reports.

HR Management

Collects data and generate reports starting from recruitment, performance, training to exit.

Inventory Management

Set processes and generate reports on assets and stock.

Supply Chain Management

Manages reports of materials and finances from supplier to OEMs to wholesales to retailer to consumer.

Software/Portal/CRM Development

We at Vridhee have been one of the finest in the industry when it comes to portal and CRM development. With a fine balance of experience and creativity, we endeavor to give out the best of services to our customers. We deliver custom portals fitting into varied corporate environments and infrastructures. We integrate siloed services and applications into a consolidated and secure web ecosystem. We upgrade and enhance outdated and ineffective portal solutions or their components.

Vridhee develops portals of all types to provide dynamic web experience and broad functional capacity to enterprises, their customers and partners.

Our customized CRM software development services focus on increasing the sales while managing valuable sales relationships with other clients proficiently. With us, you can opt for personalized CRM software services that help managing the customers while analyzing the requirements, buying behavior identification and other metric along to provide valuable inputs for up selling on a timely basis.

With Vridhee, you are able to opt for the CRM software solutions that help integrating multiple customer touch points that add up building loyalty to get the higher satisfaction and long term business partnerships as outcomes. We have a team of well experienced CRM developers who you can expect designing CMS adaptable for small businesses and also for large corporate. Making the most out of the best available customer facing resources that aid planning, deploying targeted sales, and developing marketing activities are the main solution while seeking for the CRM success.

Mobile APP Development

Creative, reliable, secure and world-class mobile APP development to your requirement.

For most application based businesses, it is now-a-days almost a necessity to be on mobile devices to be accessed by larger user base and Vridhee app development team is one of the best in the market to design and architect it as per your necessity. We at Vridhee aims to convert your vision into reality. Our strength lies in the comprehensive suite of services we offer to our clients. From web app design and development, scalable native apps we help to build and deploy the product. Our software development process gives quality assurance to our client-side team.

We develop creative, secure and reliable mobile apps that deliver high performance & smart services for seamless experience. At Vridhee, we aim to assist your business unveil an intrinsic app for enhanced functional efficiency and engagement. Our applications enable our customers to reach a wider audience with different operating systems and devices. We develop both native and hybrid mobile applications. at a competitive price and smooth delivery.

Cloud Based Deployment

We are fully equipped to provide dynamic cloud solutions for the most complex workloads. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end quality cloud managed service for your workloads by taking full responsibility including consulting, designing, building, optimizing and managing your private cloud, public cloud and multi-cloud, such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure . We can help you scale and migrate your application workloads to the cloud seamlessly, giving you the autonomy to resize cloud infrastructure on the go.

Custom E-Learning

Tailor-made effective and engaging eLearning solutions to make Learning Pertinent and Impactful.

We design Custom eLearning Development Solutions to boost learner performance. Vridhee specializes in developing custom eLearning content based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to create an effective learning experience. Whether you are transforming your classroom training into e-learning, or looking for developing an e‐learning course from scratch, our experts can provide you with a complete range of custom e-learning development services starting from consultative advice to complete turnkey solutions.

We follow all the latest trends while designing learning platforms web and mobile apps and online courses utilizing the full potential of game-based learning, blended learning and other trends. Following the current trends and rising popularity of the micro-learning, Vridhee has focused on mobile eLearning apps development. Owing to the expertise of our specialists, we are able to develop e-learning applications which help to improve the processing of information and users engagement into the learning process.

Integrate Hardware & Application

In today’s world every consumer would like to experience an automated way to control the hardware devices. Mobile apps integrated with the Hardware gives you a unique experience by changing the traditional way of controlling hardware devices. Vridhee helps in integrating several hardware devices as well with the mobile, desktop and web applications.

Vridhee also works closely with manufacturers and industry to get the extended software deployed that enables end to end working of the overall system. We have worked with WiFi enabled hardware device integration, RFID tags for tracking assets and real-time tracking of the products etc.

We integrate the hardware, configure the software, put it together and package it up for delivery to customers.

Blended Learning Solution

Vridhee brings blended learning delivery models that fit to an appropriate learning culture, when single learning delivery model doesn’t serve the learning needs. Vridhee, an EdTech organization that focuses in consulting and delivering blended learning solutions. We blend both instructional-led training and eLearning modules to create a cohesive learning experience. Our skilled developers have experience and can help in implementing successful and high-quality blended learning training plans. Plans designed by us not only enhance personalization in training but also provide maximum learning outcome.

We blend mobile, social, and self-paced learning with collaboration tools, one-on-one training, and classroom training which helps in increasing user engagement. We develop content and training programs that are robust, agile, accessible, multi-approach, and integrated across all platforms, technologies, and learning styles to enhance the learning experience of the learners. We guide institutions and enterprises through the process of choosing an ideal blend of training options in order to achieve specific outcomes.

Productivity Software (WFH)

Enable your team to be more productive while working from home.

We make the productivity analytics of workforce simple and effective. Your team is more focused on work and stay-off social media thus enhance productivity while working from home

We provide a comprehensive solution to track time and monitor workforce while working remotely. We provide a silent monitoring option, which runs without users needing to interact, will start automatically once the user log-in. This simple, effective yet powerful time tracking and monitoring solution accommodates all types of employees like staff working from home, on travel or on client site etc.

Using the solution one can conduct written test, mock interviews and induct employees to system. The solution also regulate attendance, engagement and work flow to enhance outcome. The system creates time-sheet for each individual based on time tracking and integrate this with payroll. It measures productivity by taking screenshots of real-time progress, provides detailed activities reports and also give distraction alerts when required.

Work progress will be monitored even the user if off-line/disconnected. The off-line info will be synced once you are back on-line.

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